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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dark City 2

Title    : Dark City 2
Author : Xeus , Tunku Halim and many other talented writers
Genre  : Horror
From   : Malaysia

If you are interested in horror story, this could be a good choice for you. Written by many talented writers from Malaysia, the short stories compiled in this book is truly a master piece. Throughout my reading, I can feel that my anxiety is building up and I feel so excited to finish this book because I desperately want to know the ending. Moreover, the language use is very simple and very easy to understand (to suit the language level of Malaysians which are second language learners of English). 

I would highly recommend this book to those who are not afraid of horror story because there are several occasions in this book which are quite gruesome. There is a scene where a woman is killed in a steam room (horribly) and then her body is being cut off piece by piece to be sold in a fusion restaurant. Well, cannibalism is one of those things that can make me go insane because eating human flesh seems so…. well…. yeeww…so, if you have a weak stomach, better don’t read that chapter. But that is one of the benefits of reading a short story book, because even if you skip a chapter, it won’t affect your overall reading because these stories are not at all related. 

Another good deal about reading Dark City 2 is that, it is a book full of moral values (read between the lines and you’ll understand it). Some of the moral values that I can learn from this book are the importance of being honest, appreciate what you have, and etc. However, I must also warn you that some of the stories do have some explicit content, so young readers below 15 years old are not encourage to read it. Besides, some of the story plots are quite vague so I can’t really grasp what the writer wants to say. 

BUT overall, this book has its own charm and you are not going to waste your time reading it. Some stories are very interesting – unexpected plot (the ending really shocked me), easy to understand (no dictionary needed) and horrifying (give me goose bumps). Thus, to make your life easier, I have listed some of the interesting stories below. 

-       Strong Chemistry – by Xeus
A man is being trap inside a dark room. The only thing that might save him from this nightmare is his knowledge in Chemistry.
-       Dad – by Bissme S
Ramesh’s mother is living in depression since her husband died a few years ago. Several gunshot wounds were found on his chest and he died tragically. Who killed him?

-       Hawker Man – by Tunku Halim
Terrifying story about a woman who was being chased by a mysterious hawker man.

-       Signature Spa – by Xeus
This story will make you think twice before going for a Spa treatment. 

So, that’s all for today. Before I finish off, I would like to share about what some people have to say about this book. I hope you will have a pleasant time reading this. Bye bye…

“Wow, what a read (Dark City) turned out to be… Each (story) contains that oh-so-important twist that turns everything you’ve read so far on its head” – Borneo Post 

“Well written and very readable” – Yang May Ooi, author of “The Flame Tree” 

“Will entertain and keep you turning the pages” – Quill 

“A portrayal of what happens when you merge paranoia with everyday life. If horror stories are your cup of tea, be sure to grab a copy of this book” – Borders 

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